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Spryng from Xyngular

What is Spryng?
Spryng from Xyngular is a multipurpose beverage that gives you the boost you need, when you need it the most. A healthy fusion of natural ingredients, Spryng is gluten-free, non-carbonated, contains zero stimulants and is only 25 calories per serving.

What does Spryng do?
Spryng, through a variety of natural ingredients, can help provide:

  • Sustainable Natural Energy
  • Increased Mental Focus
  • Immunity Boost
  • Quicker Recovery
  • Hydration
  • Improved Physical Performance

What makes Spryng different from other functional beverages?
Spryng harnesses the benefits of multiple products into one power-packed drink. It is the first beverage of its kind to provide ingredients that deliver natural energy, increased mental focus, and give an immunity boost, while also improving physical performance, keeping you hydrated and improving recovery. All of these great benefits in a single-serving!

One of the most unique aspects of Spryng is the way it provides energy to the body without the use of stimulants. Palatinose, a key ingredient of Spryng, is absorbed in a way that leads to the release of glucose energy exactly at the level to trigger an increased rate of fat metabolism—leaving glycogen stores intact in the liver and muscles where they are needed. This ensures sustained energy at the cellular level and provides additional benefits that will sustain you throughout the day.

Key Ingredients

The only functional carbohydrate that is fully digestible, but also slow-released. Palatinose is all natural, very low glycemic (32), low insulinmemic, and tooth-friendly. Palatinose promotes fat burning by increasing the use of body fat and fatty acids as energy sources.

Clear liquid from the center of a young, green coconut. It has been shown to rehydrate the body and replenish electrolytes as well as a sports drink and better than water alone. Coconut water is rich in potassium and magnesium.

Conditionally essential amino acid in the body. Glutamine helps maintain hydration and volume on a cellular level. It has also been shown to improve recovery time and increase protein synthesis as well as improve physical performance over extended periods of time.

The amino acid L-Citrulline and Malic acid bound together. It has been shown to significantly reduce muscle fatigue and buffer lactic acid build-up during exercise as well as increase blood flow and ATP production by up to 30%.

The most pharmacologically active choline supplement and influences both brain and systemic choline concentrations. It has been shown to have strong cognitive enhancing properties in a non-stimulant form. In addition, Alpha-GPC has been shown to increase attention and reaction time.

Proprietary cold water extract of trace minerals from apples and ancient peat. It has been shown to stimulate the production of ATP (cellular energy) by up to 64% without increasing lactic acid or free radicals.

A molecule that serves as an antioxidant, while also aiding in the production of ATP by improving mitochondrial function. It has been shown to reduce fatigue during exercise and increase VO2 max while also preventing exercise induced CoQ10 deficiency.

Adaptogen that has been used in Ayurveda for hundreds of years and is commonly known as Indian Ginseng. It is also recognized for its vitality and virility-enhancing properties.

Also known as Goji Berry Extract, Lycium Berries are native to the Himalayan Mountains and have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Gogi is a potent antioxidant know for its immune boosting benefits.

Fungi that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries for its potential anti-aging and vitality benefits. Recently, cordyceps have been used to increase performance and decrease symptoms of stress.

Water soluble essential vitamin known for its antioxidant and immune boosting properties.

NIACIN (Vitamin B3)
Water soluble B vitamin known for its role in regulating cholesterol levels.

VITAMIN B12 (Cobalamin)
Water soluble B vitamin known for its role in energy production and neurological function.


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